Browning M1918:

The Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) served American soldiers in all major theaters of
operation during World War II. Considered to be quite accurate, it could be carried
into battle by one man.

In Contrast, the machine-gun needed a team of soldiers to move the gun, its base,
and its ammunition. The machine gun also required additional critical seconds to be
assembled for action.

But the BAR could not be used for sustained fire because it was limited to its
20 round box clip and the number of additional box clips that the soldier could carry.
The BAR also lacked the water cooling jacket or interchangeable barrel,
found on the various other machine guns, to control heat buildup in the gun barrel.

The Browning Automatic Rifle could be fired using a tripod (in later model)s,
or from the shoulder. It used a powerful .30-06 cartridge (rifle cartridge) with a
20 round box clip, and proved to be reliable. The Browning Automatic Rifles were highly
praised by our officers and men who had to use them. Although these guns received hard
usage, being on the front lines for days at a time in the rain and when the gunners had
little opportunity to clean them, they invariable functioned well.1 The combination of
portability, fire power, and reliability made the BAR a popular weapon during WW II and
it continued to be in great demand throughout the war.
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Browning M1919 Machine Gun
Country of Origin        United States
Type        Machine Gun
Caliber        7.620 mm
Capacity        250 rounds
Length        1,219 mm
Barrel Length        609 mm
Weight        14.000 kg
Rate of Fire        500 rounds/min
Range        1,370 m

Browning M1919 heavy machine guns were developed directly from the Browning M1917 heavy machine
gun design, one major difference being that the M1917 used water for cooling, while the M1919 design
was air-cooled. A typical crew was two.
During combat, the first member acted as the gunner while the second fed ammunition belts; at other
times, the gunner carried the tripod and ammunition, while the other crew member carried the gun and
sometimes additional ammunition.
They were made by various manufacturers during WW2, including General Motors in the United States,
Rock Island Arsenal of the US Army, and Birmingham Small Arms Company in the United Kingdom.
The Browning M2 .50 caliber (12.7mm) Machine Gun, is a World War II era automatic,
belt-fed, recoil operated, air-cooled, crew-operated machine gun. The M2 is crew
transportable with limited amounts of ammunition over short distances. This gun is has
a back plate with spade grips, trigger, and bolt latch release. The gun is equipped with
leaf-type rear sight, flash suppressor and a spare barrel assembly. By repositioning some of the component parts, ammunition may be fed from either
the left or right side. A disintegrating metallic link-belt is used to feed the ammunition into the weapon. The gun is capable of single-shot (ground M2),
as well as automatic fire.
This gun may be mounted on ground mounts and most vehicles as an anti-personnel and
anti-aircraft weapon. Associated components are the M63 antiaircraft mount and the
M3 tripod mount. The M2 .50 Cal. flexible version is used as a ground gun on the M3
tripod mount or various Naval mounts. The M2 .50 Cal., M48 turret type, fixed type,
and soft mount are installed on mounts of several different types of combat vehicles
and ships. The weapon provides automatic weapon suppressive fire for offensive and
defensive purposes. This weapon can be used effectively against personnel,
light armored vehicles; low, slow flying aircraft; and small boats.
The M2 machine gun on the M3 tripod provided a very stable firing platform.
Together with its slow rate of fire and its traversing and elevating mechanism,
the M2 was used to a very limited extent as a sniper weapon during the Vietnam war at
fixed installations such as firebases.
the M2 severely limited enemy movement within 900 yards of the perimeter of a firebase.

Builder: Saco Defense
Numerous manufacturers originally produced the M2 Heavy Machine Gun.
Length: 61.42 inches (156 centimeters)
Gun: 84 pounds (38 kilograms)
M3 Tripod (Complete): 44 pounds (19.98 kilograms)
Total: 128 pounds (58 kilograms)
Bore diameter: .50 inches (12.7mm)
Maximum effective range: 2000 meters with tripod mount
Maximum range: 4.22 miles (6.8 kilometers)
Maximum effective range: is 1,830 meters
Cyclic rate of fire: 550 rounds per minute
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                       M1918 A2 BAR (BROWNING AUTOMATIC RIFLE)
                       M1919 BROWNING 30 CAL MACHINE GUN
                       M2 BROWNING 50 CAL MACHINE GUN