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91st BG airmen attend their
on the morning of 6 June 1944.
eisenhower d day
Canadian crew of “Sherman”
medium tank in Normandy
The 1st Infantry Division of the
United States Army in Dorset, United
Kingdom on June 5, 1944 before
departing for Omaha Beach.
Trucks of the 1st Infantry Division of
the United States Army are loaded
into a Landing Ship Tank (LST) in
Dorset, United Kingdom, on June
5th, 1944.
U. S. Army trucks and jeeps from the
invasion against the German troops
enter a town in Normandy, France in
June of 1944.
U.S. troops on the Esplanade at
Weymouth, Dorset, on their way to
ships bound for Omaha Beach for
the D-Day landings in Normandy in
June of 1944
101st Airborne E Company Zell Am See,Austria,June 1945
D-Day Invasion Glider Pilots
On Landing Craft Return
Left picture:- Front row left of the two wrens and Right picture:-  right
hand side sitting on the wall  is "Petty officer William John Victor
Mitchinson", Royal father.
casualties the 4th Division suffered
on Utah Beach were much lighter
than the losses of the 1st and 29th
Division at Omaha Beach. Only
about 175 soldiers were killed or
wounded at Utah Beach as
compared to nearly 3,000 Americans
Despite this, the medics still had
plenty of work to do.
American soldiers literally dig in,
burrowing holes in the soft sand as
they claim a section of the beach.  
Amazing, Historic Images Of Allied
Troops Storming The Beaches Of
Normandy On D-Day
US Troops on way to Omaha beach
Canadian medics help a wounded
soldier - Juno Beach, D-Day June
6th 1944
An American G.I. tends to the
wounds of a young German soldier
while waiting for the arrival of a
medic in 1944.
Normandy, France 1944 - Jeep being
towed out of the ocean.
US troops in the field repairs.
Normandy 1944
Canadian troops get ready to use
the artillery during Operation
Totalize. Normandy 1944
Allied troops in landing craft
boarding ships on their way to the
beach landings of Normandy on the
eve of D-Day in the harbor of
Weymouth, England - 5 June 1944
June 6  1944 _D-Day nurse
operation moonlight sonata
Coventry November 14th 1940
Armorers equipping an Albacore
aircraft aboard HMS Formidable, off
North Africa, Nov 1942
crew of sherman tank
British paratrooper with a Sten gun in
training in Britain, circa late 1942
pilot having a haircut between sorties
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King George VI inspects British 1st Airborne
troops in training, 16th of March 1944.
Two soldiers watch as ‘Cromwell’ tanks of the Guards
Armoured Division of the 2nd Armoured Recon Battalion the
Welsh Guards cross Nijmegen bridge in the Netherlands,
Thursday, the 21st of September 1944.
Medics of the 5th Infantry Division in Diekirch, Luxembourg
Major John W. Forth, Chaplain of The
Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa
(right), Canadian 3rd Infantry Division,
helping the unit’s Regimental Aid Party
treat a wounded comrade during the
Battle of Caen, France, 15 July 1944.
This photo was on the cover of 'YANK'
Magazine, Continental Edition of
January 14, 1945, entitled "PRESENT
and an MG42)
A paratrooper from the American 17th
Airborne Division gets a light from a
Churchill tank crewman of 6th Guards
Armoured Brigade near Dorsten in
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany,
29th of March 1945
US Air Force pilot 2nd Lieutenant
Robert Wade Biesecker with his crew of
the 569th Bombardment Squadron,
390th Bomb Group, US Eighth Air Force,
standing by 'Honey Chile', their B-17
Flying Fortress bomber (serial
42-31027), at RAF Framlingham, a US
Eighth Air Force Bomber Command
station in England, 18 October 1943.
F/L J. F. Thomas and the crew of Avro
Lancaster Bomber 'B' MkI 'Victorious
Virgin' RF128 QB-V of RCAF 424
Squadron "Tiger" Squadron on the
21st of March 1945. (probably taken at
the Skipton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire
US 3AD soldiers, Cpl. James L.
Gregory and T/5 Omer G. Taylor of 'C'
Company, 1st Battalion, 36th Armored
Infantry Regiment, 3rd Armored
Division seek shelter behind a M-4
Sherman tank while under German
Artillery bombardment at Geich, near
Düren, Germany, on the 11th of
December 1944
G.I.'s from (possibly) the 1st Btn,
314th Inf. Rgt. of the US 79th Inf.
Div., during an attack on the
Bolleville road, just north west of
La Haye Du Puis in Normandy. c.
8th July 1944.
General Bernard Montgomery
stands beside an M3 Grant
command tank near Tripoli, Libya.
27th of January 1943
Tech Sgt  Val C  Pope  Army Serial No
  from Los Angeles  California
Maureen Dunlop aged 24  an Air
Transport Auxiliary ATA pilot
New Zealand Army Sergeant Ian Thomas
General George Patton
US Airborne troops waiting for the green
light and jump off on D-Day June 6th, 1944
Crews of No 137 Squadron RAF pose
with a mascot in front of their Westland
Whirlwind Mk I fighter bombers at RAF
Manston, Kent.
U.S soldier wounded during the Battle of the Bulge
B-17 Flying Fortress MEMPHIS BELLE
Pfc Joseph E. Day holds a puppy named
“Invasion” - Le Dézert, Normandie '44
Two medics pause to help an injured dog