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On D-Day, June 6th, 1944, Easy Company of the 506th fought one of its most important         
battles of the first day of the Invasion at this location. In a field between
Le Grand Chemin and Brecourt Manor, the Germans had taken up an artillery position,
aimed at firing on the Beaches where American troops were landing in water craft.
In a heavily fortified trench system bordering Brecourt Manor,
the Germans had spaced four 105 mm cannons, and were firing a hellstorm of shells on
the incoming beach landing craft on Utah Beach.
Lt. Dick Winters of Easy Company led a small group of Easy Company men to this site,
and systematically took out all four guns at this site, and was awarded the
Distinguished Service Medal for this attack. Several others of his men were also
awarded medals for their actions as well. It is said that the strategic tactics
employed by Lt. Winters at this particular field are now taught at the American
West Point Academy.
Their courageous actions here, in taking all four cannons outsaved countless lives on
Utah Beach.
Some French dudes
doing the same job
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