PFC ,Harry W Bliss 32471731, Glider Infantry. while serving with the Army
of the United States, distinguished himself by heroic achievement in
action. On the 23-24th December 1944 in the vicinity of Bastogne,
Belgium, when the enemy attacked the positions of his unit,his machine
gun section was assigned the mission of supporting the withdrawal of the
command post. Realizing that one gun was disabled, PFC Bliss, under
heavy artillery, mortar and small arms fire, moved his his gun to a new
position to support the withdrawal. On the following morning when an
enemy patrol attempted to penetrate the lines, PFC Bliss, killed all but one
of the enemy with his machine gun fire and killed the remaining soldier  
with a hand grenade.......In later action, he was mortally wounded by
enemy fire. His actions were in accordance with the highest standards of
the military service..................Entered Military service from New York.

The above appeared in GO #33, 101st Abn. Div., APO 472 U.S. Army, 30th
March 1945. PFC Harry W Bliss recieved a Oak Leaf Cluster to his Bronze
Star. He was a member of "P" Company at the time of this action
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The 327th Glider Infantry Regiment (GIR) - Roll of Honor A - B